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Personal profile: I am a seasoned Unix programmer and use a dual boot XP/Linux system at home. I programmed in Burroughs/Unisys ALGOL from 1968-1980, in Honeywell COBOL and PL/I from 1981-1995, in Unix C and shells since 1988, and in Perl for 11 years. I'm now mostly in C with bits of shell and Perl; anything ad hoc I will definitely do in Perl. I did Perl CGIs almost exclusively during 2000-2003, and know enough to do anything I need to do in Perl. But I only rank as a "Perl User" according to Tom Christiansen's rankings:


... with a touch of "Perl Adept"; but I do not aspire to most of the attributes of a "Hacker", "Guru" or "Wizard". In response to the last line of the "Wizard" definition, for me "the game" is always automating a business process. Many of my co-workers, who specialize in C and Java and VB, come to me with Perl questions; so apparently I do more with Perl than most people. But I often Google for simple pointers.

I wrote an object oriented inference engine in 1984 in Honeywell TEX just for fun; but I have not done much with formal objects, though I do build some three- and four-level object structures using references. I have never programmed in modperl. For recreation I play the guitar (folk, country and campfire Christian), and ride my recumbent bike around the Valley. I'd like to teach English as a Second Language.

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