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People Committing $20 Each To Fly Speakers Out

Update: We have contributors, and Andy is scheduling us for April. But if you can pledge $20, please do so, as this will help cover for people who have since vanished and help pay for accomodations and hospitality.

Current proposal started by scott in this message - http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/phoenix-pm/2006-July/003259.html

If we're willing to pay airfare, we can get well-known Perl personalities as speakers. In the past, we've had Randal Schwartz out of luck and Dan Sugalski as part of the Perl 6 world tour, but if we get about 18 people to pony up $20, we can do fun things like this a lot more often. Andy Lester has already offered to come out. Andy Lester did a "Get out of Technical Debt" talk at YAPC. There's a description at http://www.yapcchicago.org/the-schedule/monday/m-abstracts#em1420 . That's the talk we'd probably get.

Andy Lester wrote WWW::Mechanize, contributed to Pro Perl Debugging for APress, and is a Perl 5 Porter, which means that he is part of the cabal that develops and hacks on Perl 5. He also does PR for The Perl Foundation.

With an estimated $350 round-trip ticket, 18 names are needed on this list. Keep in mind that a beer or dinner social meeting will easily run you $20, and flying a speaker in is going to be at least as rewarding as eating a plate of Mexican food.

  • ScottWalters
  • BrockWilcox
  • NathanOyler
  • PeeYurt
  • DerekCline
  • AndrewJohnson
  • WilliamLindley
  • LaneDavis
  • BenTrussell
  • DougMiles
  • BenAtkins
  • GeraldThurman
  • HeatherMacnaughtan

    As far as collecting $20s from people... not at all unless we get enough people to make it happen. If we're close or we make it, I'll shake people down at some meeting before the event. But I won't expect everyone who pledged to make that particular meeting. I'll probably try to pick up half at that meeting and then most of the rest at the actual dinner/presentation with Andy. If I (ScottWalters) can collect half before buying the ticket, I'll be reasonably happy. Don't worry about dropping $20s in the mail or anything like that, though you can PayPal me if you want at scott@slowass.net. Make sure your name is on the list and send a quick note to the group just so that no one can accuse me of embezzeling. That would be really annoying ;)

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