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  • http://www.illogics.org - resume
  • http://www.slowass.net - personal site
  • http://wiki.slowass.net/?ScottWalters

    Each of these pages has a number of perl projects and resources.


    Perl Experience: Strong Perl job interviewing skill, questionable on Perl skills
    Perl Strengths: Strengths: Leeching knowledge from PM chapter members, reading entire Perl
    books without buying them.

    Several projects of mine are listed on PerlProjects.

    I'm working on some ongoing PerlMongers lectures and some non-recurring ones. On-going topics: OO, Security, Graphics. Graphics, I've done X11::Protocol and a Perl spirograph, shared memory with Mmap() to implement mutli-user Conway's game of life on the web. Next I'd like to do something with GL, but I'll have to learn GL first!

    Non-recurring lectures, I have a Fuzzy Logic module. This could evolve into a recurring thing. I have a substring indexing module that makes database searching much quicker as opposed to using % wildcards which would result in a linear pass through the entire table.

    I want to do some contest thingies, both there at PM and as homework assignments, similar to CoreWars. Details on CoreWars page.

    Working on PerlMongersIdeas with DougMiles and KurtVonTiehl.

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