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DougMiles is apparently starting a company.

KurtVonTiehl is possibly hosting a GURPS campaign. GURPS is a set of rules for role playing adventures in any world or your own custom fantasy-scifi world. Steve Jackson Games, ISBN 1556343574. Kurt is also helping with meetings. See PerlMongersIdeas.

WilliamLindley is working on AutoSite, a program that generates finished websites given a collection of pages, infering the structure from the "rel" attribute of "a" tags. AutoSite works but is under constant revision - of course.

ScottWalters sometimes has people over to play Steve Jackson Game's "Hacker", ISBN 155634564X. "Over" means Fountain Hills. Also working on several ongoing presentation series for PM: details on PerlMongersIdeas. Working on http://wiki.slowass.net/?TinyWiki (this Wiki forum software) and Gnumb, a GNU servent designed to be configurable or run as an indexing server. I'm also working on several CPAN modules which are linked off of http://www.cpan.org/modules/by-authors/id/S/SW/SWALTERS/ . ImplicitThis.pm gives you $this without having to manually read it and makes instance variables look like regular variables - no funky hash dereference syntax. interface.pm does simple abstract interface checking. I'm also working on a publisherless book, which is on the http://wiki.slowass.net Wiki.

AndrewJohnson is working, as ever, on web-based database applications in Perl, both for himself and the $DayJob. More info as it becomes available on http://www.transformedplanet.com

Other PerlMongers are working on other things, and when I find out what they are, I'll nark on 'em.

p.s. :-) it works!

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