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See PerlCalendar for the current meeting schedule.

Meetings are quasi-informal. Typically there is one large presentation or a number of smaller ones. The presentation starts about 10 or 15 minutes after 7:00, allowing some social time and time for people (including the speaker) to show up. Afterwards, time will put be put aside for peer help if anyone is stuck on a Perl problem or bug or just wants a code review or feedback. Phoenix PerlMongers is officially open to both showing off working code and non-working code. Depending on how long the presentation runs, there may be additional social time before adjourning at 9:00. Depending on the meeting location, everyone may or may not be forced to exit the building at 9:00 -- libraries and resurants often close at 9pm.

Less typically the meeting is purely social, or else there will be one small presentation, or one small presentation followed by a fun, team oriented contest for all skill levels.

We striving to provide door prizes -- usually books -- but check the announcement for details.

See MeetingLocations for information on and maps to our various meeting locations.

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