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About Free Books

These books are freely available (by price and copyright license). Most of these are Perl books, but seek towards the end and there are some links to books on related topics as well.

Free Perl Books

Writing Perl Modules for CPAN A fantastic book by Sam Tregar. I (ScottWalters) consider it one of the best intermediate books as it introduces OO, modules, etc from the perspective of rolling up CPAN modules. I've written reviews of this book before; the short of it is that besides showing you how to do what you really need to do to get modularity in Perl, it's also a tome of knowledge on everything you never thought to ask on CPAN and PAUSE. http://apress.com/free

Extreme Perl http://www.extremeperl.org/

Perl Regualar Expressions http://japhy.perlmonk.org/book/ - by japhy =) I think it's available commercial too - I don't even have the title right, and I don't know the ISBN. I'm sorry.

Beginning Perl http://learn.perl.org/library/beginning_perl - linked off http://learn.perl.org/library/ : "by Simon Cozens, Peter Wainwright. 700 pages. Wrox Press Inc. (May 25, 2000). Beginning Perl is a different kind of Perl book. It's written particularly with the beginning programmer in mind, but it doesn't treat you like an idiot, and experienced programmers will not feel patronised. It covers a lot of ground, from the very basics of programming, right through to developing CGI applications for the web. More importantly, it emphasises good Perl practice, and readable and maintainable code." Available in dead tree format as well: ISBN 1861003145

Practical mod_perl by Eric Cholet and Stas Bekman. Also available in print. http://www.modperlbook.org/

Picking Up Perl http://www.ebb.org/PickingUpPerl - could this be the same one as http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/pup/ (LaTeX format)? Linked off of http://learn.perl.org/library/

Perl the Hard Way No fluff rapid introduction to Perl for people who know how to program. Good style and objects aren't shuffled off to a later chapter - it is assumed that you can handle the slight increase of complexity of seeing them throughout the book. The book is kind of small but that could be interpreted as a feature. It isn't a comprehensive guide to Perl syntax, features, tricks, or day to day use but it is a good introduction to the language. Green Tea Press expects to eventually have a print version available. http://greenteapress.com/perl/

Programming Style Guide in LaTeX format http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/style-guide/

Webclient Programming In Perl http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/wcpp-book/ - Free Book, in LaTeX format

Webclient Programming With Perl http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/webclient/

MacPerl: Power & Ease by Vicky Brown and Chris Nandor. 372 pages. (1998). http://macperl.com/ptf_book/r/MP/i2.html

Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason ISBN 0596002254, by Dave Rolsky, Ken Williams. 318 pages. O'Reilly & Associates. (October 2002). "This book shows you how to create large, complex, dynamically driven web sites that look good and are a snap to maintain. You'll learn how to visualize multiple Mason-based solutions to any given problem and select among them. The book covers the latest line of Mason development 1.1x, which has many new features, including line number reporting based on source files, sub-requests, and easier use as a CGI."

Web Client Programming with Perl O'Reilly. http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/webclient/ "Automating Tasks on the Web"

Free Non-Perl Books

O'Reilly's Open Book Project http://www.oreilly.com/openbook/ Numerous freely available books: The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Creating Applications with Mozilla, DocBook: The Definitive Guide, Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason, Free as in Freedom, Learning Debian/GNU Linux, Linux Device Drivers, 2nd Edition, Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 2nd Edition, MySQL Reference Manual, OpenSources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, Using Samba, Volume 6B: Motif Reference Manual, 2nd Edition, CGI Programming on the World Wide Web, The Future Does Not Compute, Java AWT Reference, Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Making TeX Work, MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers, 3rd Edition, PNG: The Definitive Guide, Unix Text Processing (Hayden Books), Volume 3: OPEN LOOK User's Guide (Unpublished), Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual, Volume 7A: XView Programming Manual, Volume 7B: XView Reference Manual, Web Client Programming with Perl, World Wide Web Journal

Free Books At The Free Software Foundation http://www.fsf.org/doc/other-free-books.html - none Perl related, though.

Programming Ruby - http://www.rubycentral.com/book/

Practical PostgreSQL - http://www.commandprompt.com/ppbook/

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - Very good introduction to functional programming and problem solving. Good introduction but it'll take you all the way and leave you an expert. This is the classic text of the functional programming world. http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/full-text/book/book.html

A Programmer's Introduction to PHP 4.0 By W.J. Gilmore, 453pp., APress. Chapters 1-16 downloadable at http://www.apress.com/book/supplementDownload.html?bID=3&sID=392

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