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I'm Chris Krum. I'm a long time lurker on this list. I've made it to one meeting. (Two if you count the time I accidentally showed up on Doug's birthday when we had that mix up about Feb. 31) The meeting was Scott's presentation about fuzzy logic. (Or was it fuzzy navel's, I forget?:-)

I live around 23rd Ave. and Union Hills but I work at 3rd Ave. and Washington so I can make meetings at either end of the valley. However, my wife is rather ill so I usually come home and take over with the kids after work.

I've been using perl since '95 and I love it. At work, we were using a WordPerfect for Unix installation to create all of our outgoing communications and it was a disaster. In '99 I talked my bosses into replacing the whole mess with some perl programs and it's been so reliable, we've been expanding it ever since. (My colleagues want to ring my neck though, since they all want to learn Java and don't like perl's syntax.)

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell.
Look forward to meeting people.


(Ed: Chris has since attended at least one more meeting)

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