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Welcome to the Phoenix Perl Monger Group!

So you live in Phoenix in write Perl! Great! Here's how to join us:

  1. Join the low volume mailing list.

  2. Add Planet Phoenix.PM (an aggregation of Phoenix.PM member's blogs) to your reading list, or...

  3. Subscribe to the RSS or ATOM feed of the same.

  4. Email scott@illogics.org to get your blog added to the mix.

  5. Blog about the geeky stuff or not so geeky you usually do, or link to cool articles on the 'net.

  6. Use Twitter, del.icio.us, use.perl.org, or whatever you like as long as it has a feed.

  7. Enjoy the local chatter, or watch for events and meeting announcements.

  8. Call an event by posting to the list and updating PerlCalendar.

A few more details and the other stuff you'll find on this site:

  • We love Twitter! If you Twitter even about non-Perl stuff and you're a Perl programmer here, we'd love to add your Twitter feed to the mix.
  • Your Digg or Reddit RSS feed is good for the mix too.
  • When you call an event, it can be as simple as grabbing a pint after work, or it can be joining another technical group in the valley for one of their meetings, or you can pick a MeetingLocations, line up a speaker, and call a semi-formal meeting. You can even invite everyone to your dog's birthday party if you like.
  • The First Thursday of Every Month is our traditional Perl meeting time, chosen to avoid conflicts.
  • Because of the irregular schedule, short notice, and possibility of cancelation, you are strongly encouraged to join the mailing list.
  • If there's a topic you're interested in someone presenting on, suggest it at PerlMongersIdeas.
  • We love presenters! Presenting is a great way to get feedback on your code. Offer to present on PerlMongersIdeas and someone else will probably set up a meeting and choose a venue to make it happen.
  • MeetingFormat has a description of what meetings are like and how they flow.
  • We're running TinyWiki. Most pages may be edited. Perl module names are turned into links to CPAN.
  • We have Perl book reviews and links to freely available Perl books in the Wiki, and bios of some of our members you're welcome to add yourself to (free Google juice!).

    Please feel free to post (or update) your bio, link to your projects, resume, and webpage, post book reviews, and so forth. If you discover something inapproprate posted, something deleted that shouldn't have been, or just something in need of attention, please email scott@illogics.org.


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